19.02 Android App Entries

19.02 Android App Entries

UNItekTIME Android App Entries:

After the successful login to UNItekTIME App, user will be prompt with 3 options, as shown below.

Timesheet Entries:

User can easily make time entries and submit Timesheets from mobile.
To make new TimeEntry, user need to click Timesheet from Menu and click on “+” Sign.
  • Select Date on first row
  • Select Project from 2nd row Drop-Down
  • Select Task From 3rd row Drop-Down
  • Select Time from analog screen clock
  • After filling the last description field, click “Save” button

Expense Entries:

User can easily input & submit Expense entry from their mobiles.
To make new Expense Entry, user need to click Expenses from Menu and click on “+”.
  • Select Project from first Drop-Down
  • Select Expense Type from 2nd Drop-Down
  • Fill the Expense Description
  • Select the Expense Date
  • Select the option of Reimburse and Billable
  • Select Mode of Payment from Drop-Down
  • Select Currency in which payment was made
  • Input Amount spent in the next row
  • Extra charges/taxes will be calculated automatically according to expense se parameters
  • After filling the last field, click “Save” Button
To submit saved Expense Entry, user need to click on Expense sheet and click Submit Expense Sheet.