2.6 Using Menus in UNItekTIME

As soon as you login UNItekTIME Account, by default, you will be navigated to Dashboard. On UNItekTIME Screen, there are 3 Navigation Bars through which you can navigate further to each and every feature/tool/option of UNItekTIME(if you have the permission).
Navigation Bars:
There are three Navigation Bars which gives a user access to different pages available in UNItekTIME:

Top-Right Navigation Bar:

  1. Hamburger button (View/Hide Description of Left-Hand Side Navigation Bar)
  2. Clients
  3. Projects
  4. Employees
  5. Billing

Left-Hand Side Navigation Bar:

  1. Dashboard (Graphical Representation of your work at a glance)
  2. My Projects (Shows only those projects which are assigned to the user.)
  3. My Tasks (View and quick access to user’s assigned tasks. Through this page, the user can also create new tasks in his assigned project)
  4. My Timesheet (User access his/her Period timesheet. You can switch Day View Timesheet by clicking on Day View Button)
  5. My Expenses (User access daily expense entries. It allow to submit new expenses)
  6. My Time Off
  7. My Reports (Show main reporting page)
  8. My Approvals

Right-Top Navigation Bar:

  1. Admin Options (All system administration options)
  2. Profile Drop-Down Menu
    1. User Image (By Default, Name initials appear on it in absence of picture).
    2. My Profile
      This link open User Profile Popup through which user can,

    • Update/Change Personal Information along with Timezone and UI Language
    • Upload Picture and enable Time In/Out Option
    • User can enable API Authentication Token

  1. My Email Preferences
    With this link, User will be directed to current user’s Email Preference Page. A user can set his/her email preferences as per the requirement.
  2. Old Version
    This link will redirect the user to the old version of UNItekTIME.
  3. Logout