22.07 Attachment in Timesheet/TimeOff Request

22.07 Attachment in Timesheet/TimeOff Request

Some details are required for Timesheet Entry or Time Off which is not sufficient only with Description and some documentation are required for approver to view and approve accordingly, specially leaves and other.
In UNItekTIME, you can attach any document as per your company requirement with your Timesheet or Time Off Request through below steps,

Attachment in Timesheet Period:

  1. Navigate to My Timesheet.
  2. Click on Timesheet Periods Icon.
  3. Click on the Options gear icon in the period you want to attach the document.
  4. Click View Attachment option.
  5. Fill the name of the attachment(It could be a reference for your understanding).
  6. Click on the Choose File button to upload the file.
  7. Click Upload button.

Attachment in Time Off Request:

  1. Navigate to My Time Off.
  2. Click on Add Time Off Request Icon.
  3. After filling the Time Off Request Basic Information, Navigate to Attachment Tab.
  4. Click on the DropFile Box.
  5. Click Add Time Off Request Button