Sub-Task (Child Task)

A Subtask is also called Child Task. Creating a subtask can be helpful when on a project there are some major tasks but within that tasks, few of the small tasks which need to be dealt with a different approach/team. Subtasks support people when they need to delegate parts of their assigned work to other people, but want to keep control over the overall result. They can also be used to invoke supporting services to help people accomplish the tasks that they are working on.
In UNItekTIME, in order to create a Sub-Task, a manager/administrator first make the task a Parent. The good thing about UNItekTIME is, there are no restrictions in how many levels of subtask manager/administrator create so any task can be a parent even the subtask so that further subtasks can be created in it. A manager/administrator can create a new task as a parent or make existing task parent.

Creating a new Sub-Task/Child-Task

  1. Login UNItekTIME with Admin/managerial rights.
  2. Navigate to Projects link at the top-left of the application
  3. Click on the Options gear icon against the project in which you want to create a sub-task.
  4. Select Task option.
  5. On the Task List, click + Add drop-down button.
  6. Select Add Task option.
  7. Navigate to Advance tab and select Parent Task from the Parent Task drop-down field.
  8. If you want to further subtask of this child task, enable the switch Is Parent.
  9. Click Add Task button.