2.7 Quick Basic Setup UNItekTIME

Understanding the Workflow:

The following diagram explains the general flow of work in UNItekTIME.
  1. Create projects and tasks and assign project teams, rates, and billing options to allow users to enter billable and non-billable time and expenses. You will be able to track all time and expenses to calculate project costs and ensure accurate client billing.
  2. Create generalized tasks with [All Employee Task] and [All Project Task] checked. Generalized tasks don’t require any assignment. Generalized tasks appear for all projects in time entry.
  3. Employee completes their timesheets by entering time against projects or time off codes. Users can enter time only for those tasks for which they are part of the task team. All time is either billable or non-billable. Once completed, users submit their timesheets for approval.
  4. Once submitted users’ timesheets are sent to the appropriate project leaders, clients, and supervisors for approval. Approvers can approve or reject the timesheets. Approved timesheets are closed so the data can be processed.
  5. Any user with report access can generate reports to review data in the system including project status, timesheet status, billing, time off, and utilization.

How to perform quick setup steps:

Following are 4 simple steps which will allow you to get started using UNItekTIME. For more detail information for each of the setup,
  1. Creating of Clients:
    Create Client from left-top link of Clients
  1. Adding employees:
    Add Employees from Top-Left Link of Employees. All newly created employees will receive email from UNItekTIME with their login details
  1. Creating Projects:(Click to launch detail help of adding Clients)
    1. Time entry and expense entry can only be entered for project tasks.
    2. So you must have project setup before adding any task for your projects.
    3. You should also assign your project team in order to allow your team to enter time entry record for a particular project.
  1. Creating Tasks:(Click to launch detail help of adding Clients)
    1. You can add tasks to your project and you can assign those tasks to the employee.
    2. Only tasks which are assigned to an employee will appear in time entry page for entering time entry record