3.4 Submitting a Timesheet

3.4 Submitting a Timesheet

When a period ends, users submit their timesheets for approval. The approval process ensures that time is entered correctly for more efficient and accurate analysis.
UNItekTIME automatically submits users’ timesheets to all necessary supervisors, project leaders, and clients based on both the system configuration set up by the administrator and the approval type defined at the project level.
Submit button is only available in Period-View of time entry.

Submit your timesheet for approval:

  1. Click on [My Timesheet] link on the left-hand side menu.
  1. Select the [Submit] button.
  1. After submitting, time entry records will become locked for users. (Administrator can disable time entry locking after submitting by un-checking on preferences option “Lock Submitted Records”).
  1. After submit, the timesheet will show submitted status and approval status at the bottom of Period View.

If time entries show partially approved/submitted (color coding few of few entries are in green/blue and rest yellow) then refresh the page by
pressing CTRL+F5. If this does not work then log out UNItekTIME relogin to check.
If the issue persists, send an email to support@unitektime.com along with a screenshot of time entries where the issue can be seen.

Un-submitting and Reopening Timesheets:

UNItekTIME Administrator can un-submit or un-approve user’s time entries using [Time Entry Archive] option available under [Admin Options]. Unsubmitting/Unapproving a single record will open the whole period of time entry of that particular user. A user can update his time entry by login-in using his own username and password and can update any entry of the whole period again. He can then re-submit this whole period for approval.
  1. Using [Time Entry Archive], an administrator can search records which he wants to change using different filter options available.
  1. Click on [Edit] on record on which administrator wants to change approval or submitted flag of a time entry.
  1. In the Update Time Entry Archive popup screen that appears:
    1. Uncheck [Approved] or [Submitted] flag as per your requirements.
    2. Click on [Update] link for that time entry archive record to update this record. This will remove that same approved or submitted flag for the whole period.

Rejected Timesheets:

If a supervisor, project leader, or client rejects your timesheet, UNItekTIME will notify you by displaying a rejection notification in your timesheet. You can then review the approval details, correct the errors, and resubmit your timesheet for approval.