5.1 Time Off Overview

UNItekTIME’s Time Off Feature provides a comprehensive and unmatched time off and absence management solution in the industry today. Using Time Off feature, employees can check available time off, make a request, get manager approval.
NOTE: Time Off Request will only be available if you have purchased Time Off feature.

Features Of Time Off Module in UNItekTIME:

  • Time off requests, approvals, and scheduling.
  • Users can see how much time off they are entitled and request time off accordingly.
  • Automated notifications: requests, approvals, rejections, approver notices.
  • Unlimited time off types and balances
  • Set up accrual rules that are automatically applied.
  • Time off accruals engine.
  • Multiple holiday schedules by country, country groups, or locales.
  • Approvers can approve time off based on how much is entitled and how much has been requested.
  • Multi-level Approval Paths for time off configurable at the employee level
  • You may record time off against any enabled [Time Off] type. Some [Time Off Types] may require [Time Off Request], while others may not, as determined by your administrator.
  • If the request is required for [Time Off Type], you must submit [Time Off Request] for a time off type using the [My Time Off] page.
  • Booked time off will automatically display on your timesheet.
  • If “Request” is not required for a [Time Off Type], you may enter it directly in your timesheet.
  • User can see all [Time Off Types] balances while submitting [Time Off Request].
  • Administrator can check the Time Off status of each employee by clicking on [Time Off] link on ”Employee” page.