2.1 What you can do in UNItekTIME?

UNItekTIME Timesheet suite is integrated suite for managing project life cycle including projects, tasks, timesheet, expense, and attendance etc.

UNItekTIME Tools:

These are the top level tools for UNItekTIME timesheet suite:
  1. Employee Timesheet Management:
    1. Time entry using multiple formats: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly.
    2. Time entry in time format (12h or 24h), decimal, and percentage.
    3. Billing manager can define separate billing rate for the different type of work type like overtime, travel etc. Employee can enter time entry for different work types like standard, overtime etc in time entry.
    4. Timesheet approval (customizable timesheet approval path by defining work-flow path).
    5. Allow external users (client) to approve their own project timesheet entered by employees.
  1. Billing Management:
    Four different types of billing rate types configurable at the project level. Billing rate can be defined with its applicable date range with complete history. Timesheet then picks billing rate based on time entry date from billing rate history defined at the employee level, project role level, project employee level, or project task level.
    1. Employee own billing rate (System pick employee own billing rate).
    2. Project-based employee billing rate (System pick employee billing rate defined for each project separately).
    3. Role-based billing rate (System pick billing rate of the employee based on role wise billing rate defined for each project separately).
    4. Task-based billing rate (System pick billing rate of time entry which is defined in task’s billing rate).
  1. Expense Management:
    1. Multi-currency expense entry tracking with currency conversion.
    2. Defining of exchange rate history for each currency.
    3. Tax calculation with customizable formulas.
    4. Expense reimbursement management and tracking.
    5. Expense approval (customizable expense approval path by defining work-flow path).
    6. Allow external users (client) to approve their own project expenses entered by employees.
  1. Time Off Management
    Using Time Off feature, employees can check available time off, make a request, get manager approval. UNItekTIME time off and leave management provides a comprehensive time off and leave management solution unmatched in the industry today.
    1. Leave records (sick leave, casual leave etc)
  1. Task Management:
    Project manager, team lead, and employee can create tasks for their project and can assign those tasks to multiple users. And then the whole team which is assigned to that particular task can do these task management activities.
    1. Can add their own comments.
    2. Can attach files the task level.
    3. Can change the status.
  1. Employee Attendance:
    1. Punch in / punch out
  1. Reporting
    1. Fully customizable Reports
    2. Timesheet reports for timesheet and time billing.
    3. Expense report for expense reporting to the client.
    4. Attendance reports with yearly leave days summaries.