5.2 Time Off Request

Time Off Request in advance allows your supervisors to schedule around the time when you will be away. Time off request will automatically display in your timesheet under the heading “Time Off” (even before it has been approved) (with its current approval status indicated by color coding).
NOTE: Time Off Request will only be available if you have purchased Time Off feature.

Adding New Time Off Request:

  1. Employee can submit Time Off Request from My Time Off page. Time off request can be made only for those “Time Off Types” in which request is enabled.
  2. Administrator can configure Time Off Types* from Admin Options > Time Off Types.
  3. To add a new request, click on My Time Off menu option available on the left-hand side menu.
  1. Click on Add Time off Request button to add Time off request.
  1. In the Add Time Off Request screen that appears, enter:
    1. Select Time Off Type from drop-down in Time off Request Information form.
    2. Select Begin date and End date for Time Off. (After setting the dates, Days off and Hours off will be calculated automatically).
    3. Enter Days off for Time Off. (After enter the Days off, Date range and Hours off will set automatically).
    4. Enter Hours off for Time Off. (After enter Hours off, Date range and Days off will set automatically).
    5. Select project (Optional) for which you want to enter Time Off. (A project selection drop-down can be enabled for Time Off Entry using Admin Options > Preferences > Time Off option name Show Project for Time Off.)
    6. Click on Add Time Off Request button, to save the changes and submit it for approval.
    7. Once approved, “Available Balance” of that particular time off type will be decreased with a number of hours requested in Time Off Request. In case of no approval required, available balance will be decreased immediately after submission.

Viewing Time Off Request:

You can view:
  1. All details of your personal time off requests with their approval status, in your My Time Off page.
  2. User can find available balances of their assigned Time Off Types with their “Earned” in the current period, “Consumed” in the current period and “Available Balance” in *My Time Off