6.3 Project Role Billing Rate

6.3 Project Role Billing Rate

System administrator can define [Billing Rate Type] as [Project Roles Billing Rate] to setup role wise billing rate for project. There are three steps for setting up role wise billing rate of project.

Setting up Role based billing rate:

  1. Define [Project Roles Billing Rate] in [Billing Rate Type] when adding new project in UNItekTIME.
  2. On click on [Add] button, UNItekTIME will open a [Project Role] definition page where use can setup number of resources required for each role and billing rate of every role. Just select your required [Roles] for which you want to define billing rate including its number of resources requirements.
  1. On clicking on [Update] button, UNItekTIME will open employee role mapping page where system administrator can define employee for each of the role requirement defined in [Number of Resources] for every role. Just map your required employee for each of the role and check on [Selected] checkbox. After completing this role employee mapping, click on [Update] to update these changes.

Launching billing rate history page of Role billing rate:

  1. Using role billing rate history, administrator can add new billing record with its applicable date and he can also modify any of existing record also by clicking on [Edit] link.
  2. Administrator can delete any of these billing history record by clicking on [Delete] link.
  3. Billing history should be configure for in all area before entering timesheet record. Otherwise time entry will not pick billing rate defined after recording time entry.
  4. In case if Administrator wants to modify billing rate of exiting time entry records, he can just add / edit billing rate record in history with selection of checkbox [Update all records within time range]. It will update existing time entry records also with this new updated billing rate in specified date range.
  5. To launch billing rate history page, just click on [History] link of any role selected for current project.