2.2 Launching UNItekTIME

On-Premises or Cloud Based UNItekTIME Version

Before starting UNItekTIME, Administrator should create a new UNItekTIME account. UNItekTIME can be launch using two way.
  1. By double-clicking on the UNItekTIME shortcut on server desktop.
  2. Or by typing the whole URL of UNItekTIME in your web browser. URL can be enter using these different way:
    1. http://servername/UNItekTIME or
    2. http://server-ip-address/UNItekTIME

On-Demand UNItekTIME Version

  1. On-Demand UNItekTIME can be accessed using https://yourcompany.unitektime.com