18.02.03 QuickBooks Online Integration with UNItekTIME

UNItekTIME Hosted Account can easily be integrated with QuickBooks online.
To Integrate UNItekTIME with QuickBooks, Administrator must have existing UNItekTIME Hosted Account and QuickBooks Intuit Account.


Setting up UNItekTIME requires few simple steps. which are mentioned below,
  1. Login to UNItekTIME Hosted Account.
  2. Navigate to Admin Options > QuickBooks Online under Integration
  3. Click on “Connect to QuickBooks” Button
  4. Login to QuickBooks Intuit Account

  5. Click Authorize Button to Integrate both UNItekTIME and QuickBooks Account

Now, you are able to Import/Export your data between both accounts.
An administrator can export Time Entries of Specific Employee to QuickBooks with Date Range. See below image.
During Import, Administrator can select option of Job / Sub-Job or Item / Sub-Item