Using UNItekTIME’s QuickBooks Integration Tool

[UNItekTIME QuickBoooks Integration Manager] provides users the ability to transfer information between UNItekTIME and QuickBooks. With the ability to transfer time and expense data, the integration module is an ideal solution for those working on projects or tasks that are to be billed to clients. Using UNItekTIME, you can track the actual time spent working on projects, then transfer the data to QuickBooks, to invoice clients for the work completed. Time data entered by employees can also be transferred for use in generating payroll timesheets in QuickBooks. Plus, expenses incurred against the project can also be entered in UNItekTIME, and transferred to QuickBooks to reimburse employees, pay vendors and charge clients. Additionally, you can use the integration module to save the time and effort associated with entering the user and project data in both QuickBooks and UNItekTIME. This duplication can be eliminated by entering the data in one application and transferring to the other using the [UNItekTIME QuickBooks Integration Manager].
Data TypeUNItekTIME TermQuickBooks Term
EmployeesEmployee (ones paid on a regular and on-going basis).Employee
VendorsEmployees with “IsVendor=Yes in Employee Types”Vendor
Jobs/ItemsProject / TaskJob/Item, Job/Sub Job or Item/ Sub Item
Time TrackingTimesheetTime Tracking
Expense TrackingExpense SheetVendor Bills

Steps for setting up UNItekTIME’s QuickBooks Integration Tool:

  1. Download the module
  2. Installing the module
  3. Configuring QuickBooks for use with the Module.
  4. Launching the Module

Downloading the module:

UNItekTIME’s QuickBooks integration module can be download from download page from

Installing the module

Installation of the module is a simple, wizard-guided process. Before beginning installation, ensure that:
  1. Your machine meets the integration module’s minimum system requirements.
  2. You are installing the integration module on the computer where QuickBooks is installed.
  3. Your version of QuickBooks is updated to include all available patches (recommended).

Configuring QuickBooks for use with the Module

Before attempting to integrate with UNItekTIME, follow the steps below to ensure QuickBooks is properly configured for integration.
  1. Launch [QuickBooks].
  2. Open a company file.
  3. When you integrate with UNItekTIME, you will transfer data to and from the open QuickBooks company file.
  4. If a dialog box displays indicating that UNItekTIME is attempting to access the QuickBooks company file without a certificate: a. Select the [Yes], [Always] button. This will allows UNItekTIME to access the company file for data transfer purposes.

Launching the Module:

  1. To launch the integration module:
    1. Double-clicking a shortcut name [UNItekTIME Quickbooks Integration Manager] created during installation
    2. Selecting [UNItekTIME QuickBooks Integration Manager] from the Windows Start menu.
  2. On login window, enter [UNItekTIME URL] which you are using to access your UNItekTIME application, UNItekTIME username and password.

  3. Click on [Login] button to launch Integration tool.
  4. When a QuickBooks dialog box stating the module is attempting to access the company file displays, enable the check box labeled [Allow] this application to access. This will give UNItekTIME permission to transfer employee and vendor data to the company file. Select the [Yes] or [Always]. Select [Yes] if asked to confirm. The main [UNItekTIME Integration Manager for QuickBooks] window displays.
  5. After login, application will show UNItekTIME integration main options screen as below.